II//sdss7, Data Release 7 (,, primary sources, plus 65,, that 2 different SDSS objects share the same SDSS name (). 1. J/ApJ//48/sample, Sample source properties (tables 1 and 2) (87 rows) ( Q=QSO, BLZ=blazar, BLRG=broad_line radio galaxy, fnt=faint) (). [0/1] Fmag quality of the PSF fitting Qfit () (CODE_QUALITY). f_Fmag, [0/7] Quality flag (best=1) on Fmag (Note 2) ().

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Using the Or operator to provide default values is a common pattern—for example, for parameters: How much whitespace after parentheses, between statements, etc.

FlexibleSUSY: Meta code – Hepforge

Avoid global variables Best Practice: Code should explain what is happening; it should be self-explanatory. This helps with reading, because it is easier to make out the scope of the operator: The advantages of this approach are that deleting, inserting, mmetacode rearranging lines is simpler metacoode the lines are automatically indented correctly. In languages where braces delimit blocks of code, a brace style determines where you put those braces. A Meta Code Style Guide.


On one hand, JavaScript engines are becoming increasingly smart and automatically optimize the speed of code that follows established patterns.

Whenever you are considering a style question, ask yourself: Initializing an array with elements avoid! If metacod need to know a concept to understand the code, you can either include the name of the concept in an identifier or mention it in a comment. The rationale is that this is what a named function expression looks like if you remove the name:.

6.2 Metacode

In contrast to textbooks, the added challenge with code is that people will not read it linearly. They will jump in anywhere and should be able to roughly understand what is going on. I even prefer the first of the following two conditions, even though mwtacode are equivalent: JavaScript is only so forgiving e.

And there are spaces after commas: Allman style and 1TBS. ASI can unexpectedly break up statements:.

JavaScript, the winning style examines what the majority of several popular style guides recommend. Avoid Creating Global Variables. It also mentions practices I like that are more controversial. The shift operator can be used to convert a number to an integer.


For details and more examples, consult Pattern: Converting a number to an integer.

That means that if you want to work with a code base, you need to learn those ideas and concepts. However, mrtacode is usually better to use a more explicit alternative such as Math.

One reason for that is objective. This kind of local encapsulation makes a code fragment easier to understand in isolation. Other mtacode are mentioned in String Literals.

Meta Imaging Series Codes

Comments should explain why things are happening. Always use new when creating an instance.

Someone reading the code can then turn to the documentation to find out more about the concept. Everyone knows that debugging is twice as hard as writing a program in the first place.