Combination book describes switches and systems of Classic and NG versions of the Boeing Does not describe BBJ. Documents Similar To Cockpit B ng Cockpit companion full Uploaded by. Paul Watkins. Engine Starting B Uploaded by. NG Cockpit Companion [Bill Bulfer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Airplane or pilot instruction.

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The description of the bypass valve has been moved to the Manual Gear System Notes. Added a photo of the new location. If yours is still wrong, please let me know. Your email address will not be published. Example companoin a page from the Cockpit Companion. IMHO the factory diagram is incorrect but I could be wrong.

I understand it comes in a few formats, I’d like the one that covers to series. I have tried both of Bill Bulfers email addresses, bbulfer kingwoodcable.

You can drill down into every panel in the cockpit, see detailed descriptions, operations, 737n, diagrams, ATA codes, errors, indications, and condition states. View Printer Friendly Version. Please remember that this app is user-driven, so if you see anything missing, let us know! Excerpt from Cockpit Companion detailing some of the throttle quadrant operations.


Adventures in Cockpit Building. In the flight simulation world, it seems the FMC is probably the most misunderstood component in the entire simulator. Visit Paolo de Angelis’s homepage!

Re-wrote APP switch and mode. I have not compared these power sources to the circuit breaker feature in the app. Find More Posts by Paolo de Angelis. 737nh image to enlarge.

Boeing B737 Ryanair Cockpit Companion

Does anyone know this book and can tell me the name of the author and where to find it? In particular, as it relates to the B models: Tech Log The very best in practical technical discussion on the web. Very helpfull, does anyone have an A series equivalent they might be able to suggest?

As of this writing, the digital Copmanion Companion is not available for Android yet. AA and UA are confirmed cpckpit have the 2 added check valves and fine screen mesh. Fwd FA panel Right needle is powered from stby power.


I am not a professional journalist. It can be purchased from Leading Edge Publishing. SinceB Cockpit Companion has been a valued resource for airline pilots worldwide. When appropriate, aeronautical charts and cockpit displays are depicted to demonstrate the various FMC operations. NG and Classic are similar. November Re-organized and rewrote the description of the stall system.

The Bill Bulfer Books • myNG

Added the new parking brake lever. There is a diagram for on-ground ops and in-air ops. This solenoid shows what action is performed when the Yaw Damper switch is placed to ON.

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