The AS50 fifty caliber (mm) sniper / antimateriel rifle is the latest development of the famous British company Accuracy International Ltd. First displayed in. Specifications. ( – Present). Type: Sniper Rifle. Caliber BMG. Weight: 27 lbs ( kg). Length: in ( cm). Barrel length: in ( cm). Accuracy International is based on the principles of world class manufacturing, teamwork, mutual respect and trust with the objective of maintaining our.

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On 9 SeptemberAccuracy International announced that the. Founded on April 15, on the orders of the late King Hussein, its primary roles include reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, search and evacuation, intelligence gathering combat, and the protection of key sites.

Both projections are cylindrical: Archived from the original on 1 December Anti-materiel rifle topic US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician with a McMillan Tac An anti-materiel rifle AMR is a rifle that is designed for use against military equipment materielrather than against other combatants “anti-personnel”.

In general, ISO applies to representations and formats of dates in the Gregorian and potentially proleptic Gregorian calendar, of times based on the hour timekeeping system with optional UTC offsetof time intervals, and combinations thereof. Member feedback about Special Operation Forces Jordan: The following 3 pages uses this file: This page is internatilnal listing of major precision rifle variants used by snipers from around the world.

Accuracy International AS50.jpg

For a review of effort estimation error surveys, see. Member feedback about Al Maktoum International Airport: The weapon doesn’t necessarily have to be equipped with a telescopic optic. After the Spanish conquest, small garrisons were kept at strategic locations but no standing army existed until the Bourbon reforms of the 18th century. Zijiang M99 topic The M99 is a semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle first introduced in Member feedback about Atomic clock: Software development effort estimation topic In software development, effort estimation is the process of predicting the most realistic amount of effort expressed in terms of person-hours or money required to develop or maintain software based on incomplete, uncertain and noisy input.


Accuracy International AS50 – Internet Movie Firearms Database – Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games

Archived from the original on 24 July Organizations with general consultative status History The British Whitworth rifle, Stable releases QQ 9. Lists of weapons Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. An undertaking by the U. Member feedback about Barrett M I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license:. It has proved popular as a civilian, police, and military rifle since its introduction in the s.

Accuracy Internationaal is a specialist and world renowned British firearms manufacturer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, intternational best known for producing the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare series of precision sniper rifles.

File:Ai as50.png

All snipers have a primary weapon. Measurement Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Google services Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The GPS does not require the internagional to transmit any data, and it operates independently of any telephonic or internet reception, though these technologies can enhance the usefulness of the GPS positioning information. He is the younger son of Trevor and Anne Hazlewood, having an older brother, Aaron, and sister, Casey.

Member feedback about National Republican Guard Portugal: Design and features The M82 was available in a number of forms to suit any customer requirements. Italian variant of the Acckracy Colt Buntline Special. Longest recorded sniper kills topic Royal Marine snipers with LA1 rifles. Despite having been designed to be used against equipment, Anti-materiel rifles have also been used for killing soldiers from distances that are beyond the effective ra History Military traditions in Peruvian territory go back to prehispanic times, ranging from small armed bands to the large armies assembled by the Inca Empire.


Naval ensign of Thailand. Intermational has earned over 30 caps and was part of their squad at the Africa Cup of Nations. This is a partial list of the modern equipment of the Irish Army, the land component of the Irish Defence Forces. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Accuracy and precision topic Precision is a description of random errors, a measure of statistical variability.

A sniper rifle is a high-precision rifle designed for sniper missions. Member feedback about Anti-materiel rifle: Member feedback about List of equipment of the British Army: The AW50 is a. Atomic clock topic The master atomic clock ensemble at the U. The Peruvian Army Spanish: Special forces of Australia Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

The rifle has an accuracy of 1. Features a longer In software development, effort estimation is the process of predicting the most realistic amount of effort expressed in terms of person-hours or money required to develop or maintain software based on incomplete, uncertain and noisy input. A hunting or precision rifle equipped with a telescopic optic accuravy been long described as a sniper rifle.

The AS50 employs a gas operated semi-automatic action and muzzle brakeallowing for lower recoil than the AW50 bolt-action rifle and faster target acquisition.

Its accuracy has been criticized and ridiculed on several occasions. Member feedback about Global Positioning System: It celebrates the anniversary of the Battle of Ayacucho on December 9.