The report year: TUV report age of vehicles: years, years, years, years, years. The report year: TUV report age of vehicles: Most frequent are (and increasing from to ) failures of the electrics, like Breakdown of passenger cars, ADAC Pannenstatistik , ADAC (). (originally posted in at the other site) ADAC is the organization that responds to essentially every German Reliability Statistics: Thirty Years Of ADAC’s Pannenstatistik After about or so, take it with a grain of salt.

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The amusement would soon wear off after you were taking the car back every week for niggling problems. Is there anything I can do, or ask the previous owner pannenstahistik assist? Regardless, the company that builds the car owns responsibility for everything that goes into it.

What is though not reflected in the survey is that VW in Europe has not been as good as it should be and there are quite a few horror stories about — I think VW is going through a period similar to the one M-B had in the early 205, and they need to snap out of it An interesting observation as my impression here in the US is just the opposite: The Renaults had a terrible patch across the pannenetatistik in the early s but they seem to have fixed this now and their cars now seem to be quite respectable.


As a very experienced mechanic working on all brands once told me: They may pannenstatietik be the same as those from the German drivers. Toledo and Jefferson North would continue as is, building Jeeps. My guess is, younger folks simply buy Korean instead since quality appears competitive now. JavaScript is required to post comments. Would a payment to a third party for minor damage caused in a car park need to be reported to my insurer?

TÜV reports – cars reliability ratings

I’m not really surprised by the make in the number one spot! One would attribute this to a delayed Nissan effect, except that Nissan is having problems of its own and don’t seem pannestatistik have ironed them out at this stage.

Delphi became independent of GM in Apparently the DSG has an extremely expensive service interval every 40, miles. Correct Reply Report as offensive Link.

Dangle just the US operations, and the answer might well be different. Combining a weak, low quality US producer with a weak, low pannenstatiztik, European producer does not look like a gene pool that will challenge Honda any time soon.

Except maybe the very dismal showing of the Opel Commodore. The TUV rankings are interesting too.

German Reliability Statistics: Thirty Years Of ADAC’s Pannenstatistik

The Germans are very thorough. Even decade after decade. The Tipo is a good example. Scientists and those pannnenstatistik love accuracy in numbers exist everywhere on earth and the Germans have never had a lock on such things.

ADAC Info – Pannenstatistik

None of them ever stranded me or massively failed unexpectedly. I think it must be the former – one or two vehicles seem to have fewer faults for earlier years.


Owned by Toyota Reply Report as offensive Link. I only rely on my own statistics: Turbos are having issues everywhere. On the other hand, if Marchionne takes the right approach with his merger talk, sees Chrysler as a short term investment and sells it to GM, who would like to get their hands on Jeep, Fiat would make a few tens of billions of profit on the deal.

Opel Signum, the slightly ulglier version of Vectra, breaks down almost twice as often as Vectra. Posted May 27, at 3: Posted May 27, at 1: She believed the excuse and started driving it differently….

Thank you for devoting a chunk of your evening compiling this spreadsheet.

Posted May 27, at 7: Fuel Calculator Petrol or Diesel? As part of the bankruptcy proceeding, Chrysler closed vast numbers of dealers and forced others to carry all four brands under one roof. They’ve become a mediocre brand which lannenstatistik dissapointing for a company which used to be so strong. Trucks, Pickups and Vans.

Best available rate 9. Engines, Transmissions and other Tech. I’d still have a Mercedes over a Citroen though.