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Alternate Qualification Courses FM CHAPTER 7. M a -k s m ai IS ;h if) (;c n 3 sar ic)S (car A FM CO O Z Ui o to HI or. TC is focused on rifle and carbine employment. Every marksman and prepared civilian needs to be familiar with its contents. Let’s dig. Training Circular (TC) provides Soldiers with the critical information for their rifle or carbine and how it How to Build an AR A Beginner’s Guide.

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Check for incorrect assembly of components. Arr of these three shot groups could have been a change in position, sight picture, breathing, trigger squeeze or an erratic round.

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When the soldier first assumes his firing position, he orients his rifle in the general direction of his target. It provides a sighting capability when all other accessories have been removed, and it can be used to establish approximate zeros for other sighting components without requiring live fire.

The instructor-trainer must isolate errors, explain them, and help the firer concentrate on correcting them. The instructor-trainer can enhance this enthusiasm by being considerate of his soldiers’ feelings and by encouraging firing abilities throughout training, which can also make teaching a rewarding experience.

Spot checks of individual marksmanship performance, such as interviews and evaluations of soldiers, provide valuable information as to whether the soldier knows how to zero, to use NVDs, and to perform other marksmanship tasks.

Soldiers can maintain, load and unload their magazines refer to TM 0. The borelight will also boresight optics and iron 3-22. to ensure the first shot group hits the meter zero target when zeroing the weapon.

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Target Detection Do they fire several rounds at one target? When multiple target exposures are expected or a sector of fire must be coveredthe soldier adjusts his natural point of aim to the center of the expected target exposure area or center of sector. The instructor-trainer must relate to the soldier calmly, persistently, and patiently. Can your soldiers precisely and consistently apply the four fundamentals ae rifle marksmanship?

The borelight comes with a 5. If he can hold the front sight post steady through the fall of 3–22.9 hammer, he has a good position.

Shot groups with inconsistent aiming. With the selector lever pointing toward SAFE allow the bolt to go forward by pressing the upper portion of the bolt catch. Phase II should be completed within two weeks after Phase I. Mechanically zeroing the weapon is only necessary when the weapon zero is questionable, the weapon is newly assigned to the unit, or the weapon sights have been serviced. The size of the shot groups and the dispersion of the shot groupings are the main focus of this exercise.

M4 carbine and M16A2 rifle bullet trajectory comparison.

Full text of “FM Rifle Marksmanship M16A1, M16A, M16A4, and M4 Carbine”

To assume this position, the soldier faces his target, spreads his feet a comfortable distance apart, and drops to his knees. The front sight post is vital to proper firing and should be replaced when damaged. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. When the soldier approaches the firing line, he should assume a comfortable, steady firing position. This round is also linked and used in the M Then, with practice, the firer soon acquires good firing skills.

Feeding Figurepage The results of this interview are recorded on the trainer’s progression sheet. A year-round marksmanship sustainment program is needed for the unit to maintain the individual and collective firing proficiency requirements to accomplish its mission. Have you clearly stated the purpose and intent of PRI? The remote switch should be attached to the weapon where it is most convenient for the firer without interfering with the functioning of the weapon or hindering the firer’ s ability to fire the weapon.


Most units have a readiness requirement that all soldiers must zero their rifles within a certain time after unit assignment. The TWS is capable of target acquisition under conditions of limited visibility such as darkness, smoke, fog, dust, and haze.

What qualification course will be used to evaluate your unit’s marksmanship readiness small arms? Is the standard combat course, yard KD; meter scaled target or meter qualification course used? Failure to feed, chamber, or lock. The forefinger is placed on the trigger so the lay of the rifle is not disturbed when the trigger is squeezed.

If necessary, the soldier should battlesight zero the weapon as follows Figure Soldiers who do not meet the standard will receive remedial training before subsequent instruction. The remote switch should be attached to the weapon where it is most convenient for the firer without interfering with the functioning of the weapon or hindering the firer’s ability to fire the weapon.