Find out the details of the BMTC Bus numbers. Select the BMTC numbers and the route details (source,destination), route length and the number of trips. The special services such as Pushpak and Volvo are distinguished by the following prefixes in the bus route number: ‘AS’ for Atal Sarige, ‘B’ and ‘C’ for Big. Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) operates different types of buses on different routes within the city Get the lists of various bus routes in Bangalore. , Bus Origin, Bus Destination, Bus Route No.

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Cubbon Road to Yelahanka New Town Please leave comments incase you need any other features to be added.

This is I guess the best site in India to which gives information on travel in a city. BC-3A bus timings at regulars intervals and as and when there are any changes. Balekundri Circle to Bagaluru So the regular routes are the only option.

BMTC Bus Route Timings Search

Also, the UI has been improved. It is available anytime only in Shivajinagar and Majestic. What are the various BMTC routes? It is from a vision of the founder, Kenzo Adachi numbr there should be vehicles that will never let you down.


This Bengaluru city bus passes through a total of 38 bus stations during the entire journey.

This allows the pass holder to travel on any number of routes throughout a day. BMTC needs to remember that in order to encourage people taking public transportation, they need to reduce the time to reach the destination.

Software Companies in Bangalore. Nice compilation, thank you. Third thing is a very of few or no busses in many routes including ring road route between Kengeri-GoraguntePalya after 9: This Bengaluru city bus passes through a total of 11 bus stations during the entire journey.

With a fleet of more thanit connects almost every part vangalore Bangalore and sub-urban with its huge network of buses.

BMTC bus route search –

This Bengaluru city bus passes through a total of 63 bus stations during the entire journey. Below is the detailed list of stops in this route:. Below is the detailed list of stops in this route: Kindly note that bus timings given below are just for your reference only. If you are in the city centre and need to go somewhere else in city centre: Public transport may or may not be affected depending on the law and order situation.

Bangalore BMTC Bus Routes

While we make sure that we suitably reward you, no guarantee is made of any reward for the points redeemed. If you are in bntc periphery but want to go nearby: The Kendriya Sarige, introduced in earlyas the city centre loop system have been withdrawn.


Normally the buses stop running around Page 1 Page 2 … Page Next page. I think sites slike this should be there at least for major cities to help people out.

BMTC Bus Route Timings Numbers Search Search

I have shared a few bus tips for non bangaloreans at my blog post: Kempegowda Bus Stand to Gollarahatti 8. This Bengaluru city bus passes through a total of 35 bus stations during the entire journey.

Many places in Bengaluru have more than one name, for e.

If you in the city centre and need to get to the periphery like Hebbal, Marathahalli, Vijaynagar, RajaRajeshwai nagar, etc.: Its like we have to minutes for one fully door crowded bus to appear at night after 9: Passport Offices in Bangalore. The forms are available at Majestic, K. See the time of first and last trips here. Distance from Doddakannelli to Chamrajpet numher BC-3A do not forget to check the Route No.