Hi, in my player profile I chose to be a Battlemech Gladiator. Can you reach this planet in the game, and if so where is it? Thanks for any help. Solaris VII includes a full-color map of Solaris City, a gazetteer of the Game World , Solaris VII also introduces the BattleMech Dueling System, a BattleTech. Will you become the next MechWarrior to reign at Solaris VII?” -WizKids WizKids has taken the Mech element from Mechwarrior: Age of Destruction and confined.

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The arena in the picture seems to suggest it’s the Coliseum. This is literally the rule we care most about.

Blue is definitely a griffin, but the other one really really looks like a mirrored centurion with a weird torso. You can see the little cameras over each mech. Firstly, are there any specific stores you can purchase full heavy or assault mechs at?

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Mappack: Solaris VII

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Thanks for any help. Battletsch out the menus at the top of the subreddit for resources and guides! Hi, in my player profile I chose to be a Battlemech Gladiator. Fendelphi View Profile View Posts. Memes are required to display a baseline level of effort and “dankness”, please limit your Memes to a couple a day. You can have an argument without throwing around names.

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Want to add to the discussion? This would be totally badass if so, I have no idea where to find Solaris 7 though. I’m about 15 hours or so into it and haven’t unlocked any heavies yet – so this post is a bit battletecu a 2 fold post.

Solaris 7 is in the Lyran Commonwealth Approximatly 20 Jumps away from Coromordir and I dont believe you can travel there.


Solaris VII: The Game World – BattleTechWiki

Can you reach this planet in the game, and if so where is it? Originally posted by TheWorld:.

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In Silesias’ Coliseum, there’s a detonator grid that channels and dissipates the energy from lasers and PPCs and detonates projectiles like missiles and AC rounds. Considering how ridiculously customized many of the Solaris mechs were to the point where some were basically unique mechs entirely I wouldn’t be surprised.

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