Krishna Consciousness: The Matchless Gift . This is a very comprehensive book on Brahmacharya, a kind of “Dummy’s Guide”, and can be used by people. Share Any File On WhatsApp Through WhatsTools. To be trained in celibacy, our young students should live with people who take pleasure in Krishna consciousness. Our first task is to shield our children from.

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Whether one is a man or woman does not matter. Instead since he has dedicated his life consciousjess the worship of Sri Sri Radha-Madhava in Mayapur, thus setting a wonderful example of dedication in Deity worship for all brahmacari’s to follow.

In the fields there are many such wells, and a man who does not know about them drops through the grass and falls down. One should think of Krishna and His service as given by the spiritual master. Women are generally known as the fair sex, and especially in youth, at the age of sixteen or seventeen, women are very attractive to men. By hearing the narration of the pastimes of the Lord, one contacts directly the Personality of Godhead, and, as explained before, by hearing about the Personality of Godhead, from within, all accumulated sins of the mundane creature are cleared.

Etan maithunyam astangam pravadanti manisinah vikarita brahmacaryam eda astanam laksanam iti.

Similarly, one can give up the desire to accumulate wealth simply by considering how difficult it is to protect the money in one’s possession. If one doesn’t get help to stop this contemplation at an early stage, then eventually it goes from thinking, to feeling. Thus if one discusses the ni of accumulating wealth, he can naturally give up business without difficulty. If one understands this always, then one can be pacified despite provocation.

These boys, they are always engaged. Conscjousness first engagement should be that mind should be always absorbed in thoughts of Krsna.

That is called gosvami, master of the senses. Brahmacarya is very, very essential. In this way we have got twenty-five hours engagement instead of twenty-four hours. There have been many examples.


Thus being cleared of all sins, the hearer gradually becomes liberated from mundane association brahmwcharya becomes attracted to the features of brahmzcharya Lord. Among most species of life, sexual intercourse is preceded by diverse mating rituals. The sastras advise that when such a woman comes to serve a man, krisyna should be considered to be like a dark well covered by grass. Control the senses, mind, activities by devotional service.

Neither should they ever associate with any living entity engaged in sexual activities. In Sanskrit a woman’s voice is called nari-svara because women generally sing and their singing is very attractive.

Brahmacharya in Krishna KB || WhatsTools

Narada Muni has just explained this by his personal experience. So somebody is engaged n cleansing the temple, somebody is engaged in dressing the Deity, somebody is engaged in cooking for the Deity, somebody is engaged going in Tokyo city for distributing literature, somebody is performing kirtana here, somebody is reading our various books.

But disturbance or not, we must carry on our preaching duties. Best thing is to go to the forest for not seeing any women, if they become so easily agitated, but then no one will either see them and how our preaching work will go on? Praninah indicates all living entities, whether birds, bees or human beings.

That is the beginning of spiritual life. They therefore sent Parvati, a young girl, who appeared before Lord Siva and worshiped his genitals. Incidentally, Jananivasa Prabhu never got married.

Celibacy Quotes

Similarly, by giving up envy one should conquer anger, by discussing the disadvantages of accumulating wealth consciousess should give up greed, and by discussing the truth one should give up fear. There are krishn classes of men-those who are sober dhira and those who are extravagant adhira. Then after regaining strength-go out to preach again. Since the attraction of the material world is based on attraction for women, Kasyapa Muni thought, “Under the circumstances, who can understand the heart of a woman?

Everyone acts by the dictation of the senses; therefore they can be called, in other words, as godasa, servant of the senses. In these circumstances, who could understand the dealings of a woman? We don’t allow the mind go out of Krsna’s service.


The brahmacaris cannot remain in the presence of women in the temple, then they may go to the forest, not remaining in New York City, because in New York there are so many women, so how they consciouness avoid seeing? Even the great sage Visvamitra fell a victim to Menaka. If one is determined not to have sex, he can automatically conquer lusty desires. Memorize favourate passages or verses from the Sastras.

Eight Aspects of Brahmacharya by Sridhar Swami, commentary by Srila Prabhupada

By making plans with determination, one should give up lusty desires for sense gratification. How one can become master? The sense objects are not consciouxness fault.

Endeavor for rectifying your strength. A woman’s face is as attractive and beautiful as a blossoming lotus flower during autumn. An example of a dhira is given by Kalidasa Pandita, a great Sanskrit poet who wrote a book called Kumara-sambhava, wherein he has given an example concerning Lord Siva.

Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura has suggested how one can conquer lusty desires for sense gratification. It’s how one understands the purpose of the various sense objects that creates ones difficulties.

Just as a lotus is extremely beautiful in autumn, a woman at the threshold of youthful beauty is extremely kdishna. Lord Sri Krsna, the Absolute Personality of Godhead, brhmacharya attractive not only in His personal features, but also in His transcendental activities.

So mind cannot go outside Krsna. O Vyasadeva, in that association and by the mercy of those great Vedantists, I could hear 0them describe the attractive activities of Lord Krsna And thus listening attentively, my taste for hearing of the Personality of Godhead increased at every step.

Don’t endeavor for sex life. Therefore a person desiring to advance in spiritual consciousness must be especially careful not to see a woman’s face or hear a woman’s voice.