Concrescence is a developmental anomaly of dental hard tissues. It is a condition showing union of adjacent teeth by cementum. The concrescence leads to a. The incidence of concrescent teeth is reported to be highest in the posterior maxilla. The purpose of this article is to report two cases of concrescence between. predisposition of the natural distal inclination of the maxillary molar roots. Concrescence of teeth is actually a form of fusion which occurs after root formation has.

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Paramolar occlusal view [Close -up] showing extra cusp in relation to It is difficult to diagnose clinically. Citation V Bellapu, S Nagarakanti.


The abscess was drained and a thorough scaling and root planing was performed. Fused maxillary second and third molars: Unexpected complications arising from this condition may lead to legal complications.

Concrescence, supernumerary teeth, developmental anomaly. Concrescence is a condition of teeth where the cementum overlying the roots of at least two teeth join together.

Concrescence of a maxillary second and third molar. This is carried out by raising a flap and drilling the required amount of bone. Watch us on YouTube. Most fusions between a molar and a supernumerary tooth require surgical removal due to the abnormal morphology and excessive mesiodistal width that causes problems with crowding, alignment and occlusal function.

A Rare Case Report. This article about a diseasedisorder, or medical condition is a stub.

Concrescence | definition of concrescence by Medical dictionary

A review of the literature and four case reports. If typically a tooth is missing the option of recontouring the tooth with composites or by crowns will be needed for esthetics. The patient had taken antibiotics. Concrescence teeth could be reshaped and replaced with full crowns. In this case, the reason for concrescence teeeth be developmental, due to the cincrescence of the third molar into the furcations of second molar and also inflammatory due to the presence of deep carious lesion with the involvement of the pulp and chronic periodontitis.


Developmental tooth pathology Disease stubs. A multidisciplinary approach with different practitioners working together can contribute to the success of the treatment plan.

If tooth concrescencd reaches the pulp, you usually feel pain and may require a root canal procedure.

Smithaand S. Infobox medical condition All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Articles with incomplete citations from December All articles with incomplete citations All stub articles. It is most commonly found in the back teeth.

Combination of Diclofinac Sodium, mg and Paracetamol, mg twice daily for 3 days. More Articles You May Like. The degree of union may vary from one small site to a solid cemental mass along the entire extent of the root.

After the radiolucency had subsided, resection of the tooth was carried out under local anesthesia. Bright Smiles, Bright Futures. This article highlights the presence of a concrescence between mandibular second molar and a supernumerary tooth, concrsscence its clinical and radiographic findings and a multidisciplinary approach required for its management.

Concrescence – Wikipedia

Check out these other facts about your tongue you probably didn’t conctescence. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. X-rays allow dental professionals to detect conditions they can’t see with their naked eyes and treat their patients successfully.


Therefore, it is important to consider this possibility when the roots of adjacent teeth are radiographically indistinguishable. Molars — used for grinding and chewing food, these teeth have several cusps on the biting surface to help in this process. Sanjay VenugopalB.

What Is Concrescence?

Despite the considerable number of cases reported in the literature, the differential diagnosis between these abnormalities is difficult. Srinivasan V, John A.

One case was reported showing concrescence of the crown of an impacted tooth and the roots of the erupted tooth 4. The concrescence of the many acts of prehending into the one actual entity which is an experience of the entire universe as actual and possible from that unique place in space time, gives rise in Whitehead to two types for process One is the temporal transition concrdscence actual occasion to actual occasion, and within an actual occasion, the other is the process of concrescencethe becoming of the actual entity, and this process is not a temporal process.

Tooth 18 is missing. Dentin — this is the layer of the tooth under the enamel.