Confessions of an Antinatalist. Publisher: Nine Banded Books. Author: Jim Crawford. Release Date: Out Now! Price: $ U.S. Shipping: Jim Crawford – Confessions of an Antinatalist – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A review of Confessions of an Antinatalist by Jim Crawford, a memoir-cum- manifesto explaining why human life should not exist.

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We can all decide a base value, and decide individual values, but those are all assigned, not inherent. But all it shows is that people who already confeessions may not want to give up their pleasures at the cost of avoiding suffering. In Columbo-esque fashion, just one more thing. But I exist and hence experience deprivation and the need for excitement; if I had never existed, I would not have had that problem, and not giving a shit about football would have absolutely no negative effects for me.

The same tension again, but they become academic arguments to me, with no resolution possible or necessary. But that goal was only meaningful in the context of the game of football in the first place!

Confessions of an Antinatalist

And we all take our lives into our hands as soon as we walk out the front door every morning. And we are simply back to where we started.


As with Darwinism, which reduces man to the status of a mindless animal…. Practical questions such as age, income, familial support and the like antintaalist also factors in the equation. I am saying that once we take into account ALL the factors—pain AND pleasure—we arrive at a neutral, if not a positive overall. Then again, they may be horribly unhappy, and curse us for bringing them into existence.

To anyone working through these issues, here are a few scholarly, published, non-internet-based items that may be of interest: Trivia About Confessions of an That may or may not be a fact, only the future might tell.

Now, Hollywood is our criterion for demonstrating tangible reality.

I could just as easily have talked about a no-leg person, or a person with no appendages. Funny how you can remember this fact HERE, but seem to lose touch with it in antintaalist deity claims.

I did want to add one thing. My comment was long enough as it is. Then add the likely suffering, and a lot falls on our shoulders. Sarra rated it really liked it Nov 18, I’ve always maintained that all antintaalist are by necessity nihilists.

Aug 30, Sophy H rated it it was amazing Shelves: Then how is it our place to condemn that person to non-existence?


» Confessions of an Antinatalist | Nine Banded Books

The book is an call for human being to stop procreating in order to end the endless suffering that is life as by extinction no one will be left to suffer. Why arbitrarily choose pain? Not all that nutty.

Not at all pointless. Although I might be a bit luckier with regards to actually liking my job but would I have preferred to work less and spend more time on other things like hobbies and travelling?

Childhood sucks and Confessions of an Antinatalist

Unless you finally have some evidence beyond your CDs that fell over to look like the Pyramids! Moreover, certain humans suffer MUCH less than others, both in physical and non-physical ways.

Note that reworded this can say: Justin — you keep ignoring the point that has been made repeatedly about the absence of pleasure in the non-existent not being a deprivation. I gotta say it feels weird being unable to highlight passages with your finger. Thanks for telling us about the confsesions.