The Complete Psionics Handbook is a supplemental rulebook for the 2nd edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, published in by. The Complete Psionics Handbook (5e) – A simple, straightforward, playable psionics framework for 5th Edition using the Player’s Handbook. I wrote this in for AD&D 2nd Edition, having never read TSR’s Psionics Handbook. Be amused. This was reformatted for the web in.

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The Psionics Handbook (2E)

If once check fails to pass through barriers, the psionicist can not pass through another barrier not already passed through for 24 hours.

Furthermore, the last time the ability refers to “the roll” happens immediately after it mentions a roll you make and a roll your opponent makes, which leaves a bit of ambiguity. Ahh, the new wording is much more clear. The spirit form can pass through normal barriers with a successful check against half the intelligence score. Since my last post, I’ve begun a minor bit of work adding psionic monsters, and the next update probably tomorrow or the day after will include psionic-themed magic items.

I think it’s weird the way you implemented damage resistance with the whole “Reduce 3” damage thing. Their ability is blocked in all respects, not just in those directly affecting the mind blocker.

Character sheet for the wu jen from Complete Gandbook. The mind reader must be able to see the target. Generally, I think there are three major problems above all else: Compare that to Meteor Swarm and Unleash Energy seems very underpowered.


I probably intended to have a different effect, with increased cost options.

D&D Expanded Psionics Handbook

I actually haven’t had the chance to use psionics as a DM, but in the game I’ve played in, it’s kind of just “a thing” but it’s rare. If the psionicist is hit succesfully, the force field is broken. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

While in spirit form, the psionicist can see and hear as well as he usually could, but can not feel, smell, taste, or act upon surroundings in any way. Dark Sun Dark Sun: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Same issue as before about specifying that creatures don’t get knocked prone if they succeed on the saving throw.

Each power has a score rated in terms of a particular attribute. So to put that in perspective, a 20th level Psion: Update – Feb 20 Just a small update once again. Deflect Blows I’d probably go with the second one personally, as the difference between an attack roll that hits and one that misses usually isn’t very large anyway due to bounded accuracy, which make it functionally very similar to the original ability.

Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Sign up using Facebook. Since the psionic powers are so draining, they will not work well if the player is physically exhausted due to high encumberence.


Each creature in the cone must make a Strength saving throw. Character sheet for the swashbuckler from Complete Warrior.

This power drains a target’s energy, but is not related in any way to certain undead creatures’ energy drain ability. For every hit point drained the lsionics can decide how many to used4 damage points are inflicted.

The Psionics Handbook (2E) – Zioth

The table for “Creating a Spell” on page of the DMG suggests a 9th level are spell should do 14d6, yet they have meteor swarm dealing 40d What is usually seen is an event in the target’s future.

If you are psiobics to charmed or frightened condition under hajdbook power you can make the saving throw with advantage. It feels out of place. In this version, I’m c the flight portion and turning Shed Body into something similar to the new shadow sorcerer archetype’s Shadow Formalbeit with fewer benefits. There’s no precedent for that in spellcasting classes? After googling a bit, I see some stuff suggesting the phrases are pretty interchangeable.

The loss of your hit points cannot be avoided in any way.