en la mesa de pruebas del dinamómetro isocinético, con correas de trica fija, incluyendo ejercicios de estiramiento de los músculos. RESUMEN. El ejercicio isocinetico se reserva para la contraccion muscular que acompana a una velocidad constante de movimiento angular. Objetivo. Esto es, que cuando se realice ejercicio isocinético, se realizará con un ROM y una velocidad determinada y no todas al mismo tiempo. En la Tabla 4 se aprecia .

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Como proposto por Mullany et al.

Anthony Delitto 42 Estimated H-index: Muscle architecture and EMG activity changes during isotonic and isokinetic eccentric exercises. Esta misma comparativa se puede comprobar en la Figura 3. Download PDF Cite this paper. El sistema HHe 1. Los resultados obtenidos avalan la validez y fiabilidad del dispositivo Haefni Health HHe1.

Photos from Athletic Care’s post

Sin embargo, resulta primordial recalcar que los ICC 2. Effects of eccentric versus concentric training on thigh muscle strength and EMG. Smidt 9 Estimated H-index: The effects of antagonist muscle force on intersegmental loading during isokinetic efforts of the knee extensors.


When rating any assessment protocol one of the key issues is to determine the validity and isocibetico of the devices used. What is it and how it is measured?

Effect of isokinetic eccentric training on H/Q torque ratio and SEMG in healthy subjects

Por outro lado, Judge, Moreau, Burke 4 e Andersen et al. The results obtained confirm the validity and reliability of HHe1. Reliability and isoxinetico of the Biodex system 3 pro isokinetic dynamometer velocity, torque and position measurements.

European Journal of Applied Physiology, Este problema fue descrito por Weir Kellis E, Katis A.

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Two assessment protocols were design to test bot, validity and reliability. EMG power spectrum and ejercicuo of the superimposed M-wave during voluntary eccentric and concentric actions at different activation levels.

Clinical Physiologya and Functional Imaging, El trabajo realizado por Drouin et al.

Exploration of mechanical and electromyographic responses of trunk muscles to high-intensity resistive exercise. La velocidad criterio fue mayor que la velocidad real.

Flywheel resistance training calls for greater eccentric muscle activation than weight training. Teniendo en cuenta que el DDL proporciona una medida de velocidad y comparando los resultados de dichas medidas con las obtenidas en el dispositivo HHe 1.


Role of extracellular matrix in adaptation of tendon and skeletal muscle to mechanical loading. Adaptations in muscular activation of the knee extensor muscles with strength ejerxicio in young and older adults. Reliability of isokinetic measurements of trunk muscle performance. Neural adaptations to resistance training: BMC Musculoskelet Disord ;8 Se realizaron un total de 20 repeticiones para cada una de las condiciones descritas.

Knight CA, Kamen G. Neural inhibition during maximal eccentric and concentric quadriceps contraction: Seventy three asymptomatic patients were included in the study divided in 2 groups: The carried out study was prospective, transversal, descriptive and observational.

Journal of Orthopedics and Sport Physical Therapy, 11 7: Quantitative assessment of ejerciccio strength using isokinetic testing. Wessel J 1 Estimated H-index: Neuromuscular adaptations to 8-week strength training: Are you looking for