hello! Could someone please post English rules:kiss. : Mayfair Games Catan Adventures: Elasund – The First City: Toys Science Ninjas: Valence Card Game- Advanced Chemistry + Simple Rules +. For this game introduction you need either Netscape Navigator (or newer), Microsoft Internet Explorer (or newer) or Opera (or newer). (We also tested.

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Elasund – Wikipedia

People in this Meetup are also in: If you discard three matching Ellasund Cards, you can build over a building of the same size. Besides these, each player also has 10 Victory Point Cubes, 5 Permit Tokens numberednine City Wall Tiles numbered from and two other personal building tiles.

Finally, there is a reference illustration that shows the layout of the church and a spot marked in the city where the first Church Tile must be placed. Upgrade on of your placed building permits with a higher value permit from your hand. The buildings where on very sturdy card with nice artwork, the board was on similarly high quality board and again colourful with one side representing the coast line and the other three green fields surrounding the muddy site of the future city — divided into a grid of 90 squares and 26 wall spaces.

Newer Post Older Post Home. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Along the sea and near the City Gates are spots that show one or two windmills. This is somewhat similar to the robber in Settlers of Catan.

If you enjoy medium-weight confrontational games, then Elasund is one you shouldn’t miss. Each player also begins the game rulee five building permits, which vary in value. Each player is supposed to start the game with 3 Gold and 1 Influence card we did not start with anything when rulew played 5. The 2 cost wall segments are along the north and south walls, while the 4 cost wall segments are the ones that can be targeted by pirates.


Why not start with a games specialists like: The first player to build a Church Tile has a slight advantage in that he gets to draw the top two tiles from Church Tile stack, choose one to be built first, placing the other at the bottom on the stack.

Collecting sets of Influence Cards depends on a random draw, but there are different things one can do elssund identical sets as well as sets of different colors. The prices of the wall section are supposed to be reversed from the setup we played with.

Elasund: The First City

Soon enough you may become involved in elasind projects, such as building the church or the city walls. It is a coastal city, named for a fictional Scandinavian location from which the novel’s characters set out for Catan, founded with foreign trade in mind. Each Church Tile costs 7 Gold Cards to build and is randomly drawn and placed on the board according to the diagram, causing the instant demise of any other building on that spot.

If the player moving the Ship has done his duty in protecting the city by helping to build the city wall, he may randomly draw from those discards the e,asund of cards equal to his Victory Point Cubes on City Wall Tiles.

In Elasund, nothing works without building permits! Views Read Edit View history. You also need to have the right number of Building Permits 1, 2, or 3 depending on the size of the building placed on the game board.

Each building that elaund at least partially in that row may produce Gold or Influence Cards, depending on the type of building. You are appointed to help the city develop. Picture courtesy of Mayfair Games. The top half of rukes board is numberswhile the bottom half is numbered My interest in games started as a teenager, inspired by my love of history and The Lord Of The Rings, and has remained with me all my life.

The resource rolls both determine what buildings produce as well as where a Building Permit can be placed that turn for future building. In a elasuund that seems to have far too little space, soon a fierce rulws ensues: Were in Settlers you have to trade with each rrules Elasund has no such mechanism and so you are left with less player interaction and a sense, mistaken, of a pedestrian game.


The player pays the cost in Gold Cards to the bank, removes and returns the Building Permits to their owners, and places the building.

As he gets to certain locations on the track, he may place a Victory Point Cube on the designated spot.

Each player has a reference card that summarizes these nicely: Nej av Spiel Des Jahres6: Build a City Wall Tile. The logic being that towers are built for defensive rulew offensive reasons so should have a defensive benefit within the game play as well as the Victory cube. City Gate Tiles to mark the corners are included to make this adjustment. The Trade Ship now becomes a pirate ship instead. The First City German: In Elasund, players compete and cooperate to build the premier city of Catan.

A player may also contribute to the local church, which eules built in nine parts. You can use Influence Cards to place additional Building Permits, move your Building Permits, or even remove a building that is the same size as one you are building.

The Building Permits must elzsund already present on the board in the squares where you want to build. If both of those urles are full, then you can only place a building permit using influence cards to place it in any row that you want. Playing Elasund at BoardgameGeek. The different elements of the game seem very balanced.

If you are the first player to place all 10 of your Victory Point Cubes on the board, you are the winner!

Other buildings are of various shapes and sizes, which are considered “neutral buildings”: There is a lot of direct player interaction and high degree of “nastiness” that will delight many players, but be a turn-off for others.