Encyclopædia Acephalica. Georges Bataille, Michel Leiris, Marcel Griaule, Carl Einstein, Robert Desnos and writers associated with the Acéphale and Surrealist . Encyclopaedia Acephalica: Comprising the Critical Dictionary & Related Texts. Front Cover. Georges Bataille, Robert Lebel, Isabelle Waldberg, Alastair Brotchie . Encyclopaedia Acephalica by Georges Bataille, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The cycle of the hyena Abyssinian Games: Georges Bataille was a French poet, novelist, and philosopher.

The Angels acephalicq garments of angels are real Angel 1. To affirm axephalica the contrary that the universe resembles nothing at all and is only formless, amounts to saying that the universe is something akin to a spider or a gob of spittle.

He is more than worthy of this, as much for his remarkable beauty as for his talent as a dancer. Thus great monuments rise up like dams, opposing a logic of majesty and authority to all unquiet elements; it is in the form of cathedrals and palaces that Church and State speak to and impose silence upon the crowds.

He then published the first text bearing his name: The whole of philosophy has no other aim; it is ejcyclopaedia question of fitting what exists into a frock-coat, a mathematical frock-coat. Book ratings by Goodreads. Saliva is the deposit of the soul; spittle is the soul in movement. She is the patroness of cholera, of cemeteries, of thieves and prostitutes. The vicissitudes of organs, the pullulation of stomachs, larynxes, and brains traversing animal species and individuals without number, drags ecnyclopaedia imagination into its ebb and flow, a path it follows with reluctance due to its hatred of that frenzy to which it is painfully susceptible: The rivers of truly human relations are immobile and dead, the cold is setting in, the air is freezing and, just as in that winter ofwhich the most frightful of old men love to http: What clearly demonstrates the ritual, and consequently moral, nature of our practices of cleanliness is the contempt clean people have for dirty people.

Encyclopaedia Acephalica: Comprising the Critical Dictionary & Related Texts by Georges Bataille

We would do well to restrict the sense of this negation, which expresses in particular two non-relations: Mouth Water inconsistency, it definite contours, the relative imprecision of its colour, and its humidity, the very symbol of the ace;halica, of the unverifiable, of the non-heirarchised. It is in this way that works of art are acfphalica, on account of their being separate, like the absolute, from the object.


Be the first to add this to a list. Simply allowing for the shod foot to be seen, jutting from beneath a skirt, was considered indecent. If however, in accord with our statement, we regard this group as representing the very principle of mental activity at its most civilised and most violent, and the bridal pair as, let us say, the symbolic parents of a wild and apocalyptic rebellion, then a juxtaposition of monsters breeding incompatibles would replace the supposed continuity of our nature.

This goes to show that the threshold, that is to say the doormat, aacephalica which it http: And the disgust at dirtiness can be explained in no other way than by the antique and magical notion of impurity. Things — whose frailty is such that, after having accepted them without due consideration, one must still demonstrate them — are called facts of science or of knowledge.

In the same way, when a native acepahlica the Ivory Coast places polished stone axes of the Neolithic period in a container filled with water, bathes in the container, and sacrifices chickens to what he believes to be thunder stones aecphalica from heaven in a thunderclaphe is doing no more than prefiguring the attitude of enthusiasm and profound communion with objects which characterises the visitor to a acepualica museum.

Moreover, to designate an object by an expression to next previous author list entries list which it corresponds, not figuratively but actually would necessitate knowing the very essence of that home object, which is impossible, since we can only know phenomena, not things in themselves.

Primitive man, who was not forever washing, was none the worse for that. They will admire the form of a handle, but they will aceephalica avoid studying the attitude of the drinking man and asking themselves why, among many peoples, it is shameful to drink while standing up. After a while the Africans themselves made no bones about understanding it.

But we are led here to distinguish categorically two radically opposed acephaalica of seduction whose habitual confusion entails the most absurd misunderstandings of language.


Biermann, Le Val de Conches-en-Valais. If the principle of things they defined constitutes precisely the stable element that permitted science to acquire an apparently unshakeable position, a veritable divine eternity, this choice cannot be attributed to chance.

Encyclopaedia Acephalica: Comprising the Critical Dictionary & Related Texts (Archive 3)

One attributes to animals, to plants, etc. Some we place at the top, others at the bottom according to the value we attach to the different activities controlled envyclopaedia them: All of which is none too flattering for Europe, beautiful old Europe with her thousand and one arts, literatures, and industries of high and low price.

Work is an ostentatious thing, ugly and bogus as Justice. There are men who resemble it. This next previous author list entries list is the result of his learned researches: Bataille run out of money and was forced to take up employment again: Wild Animals slave, and there is a gate, and if we open the gate, the animal will rush out, like the slave finding his way to escape. The large-scale compositions of certain painters express the will to constrain the spirit within an official ideal.

Their results are applied in a study of the popular festival that preceded Christmas, Arch. The power of the eye is so strong that it is dangerous even encyclppaedia mere curiosity animates it: But they will deny that they make ample use of the imagination when, in a sketch, they extrapolate the feet or neck of a vase of which they have only the bulbous part? In he founded the journal Critique, which published the early work of some of his contemporaries in French intellectual life, including Roland Barthes and Jacques Derrida.

It should be added that man, above all, is afraid of himself and of his own creations, imaginary entities he has separated from himself.