Eurail Traveler’s Guide – Rail Read more about eurail, valid, railway, Eurail Traveler’s Guide – English · eurail. Eurail and Train Travel Guide to Europe. Eurail Traveler’s Guide – English · Eurail Traveler’s Guide – English. Europe by Rail: The Definitive Guide for Independent Travellers. For example, in my first “rail trip” to Europe in , I visited five countries . all the main train routes in all Europe, a Eurail Pass Timetable, and a Eurail Guide.

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No supplement to pay on local or InterRegional trains. There’s more advice on Swiss Passes here. No discount on Nice-Digne private railway reduction previously given discontinued.

Beginner’s guide to Eurail passes | Buy a Eurail pass online

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t forget about backpacker hostels. Back to top Denmark Eurail passes give unlimited travel on Overnight trains – only one pass day required It’s not just about transportation: Out of your monthly salary, which is probably paid by direct deposit, automatically direct some money into your sinking fund or savings account.

The comprehensive travel guide – Europe by Eurail – is an essential item for planning a trip in Europe. The pass is emailed to you. Listen to our food and travel podcast with Tommo and Megsy.

Eurail is the main pass range for overseas visitors to Europe, but several countries also have their own national railpasses which can be worth knowing about as they can often be eurai, value if you are just visiting that specific country.


How to Save Money Traveling Europe by Train | Eurail Blog

These give the ultimate in freedom and flexibility, but to make them worthwhile you need to be on a train every day or at least every day or two. You just hop on any train, find an empty seat and show your pass when asked. On May 3, by Linda Martin in Travel.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Passholder reservations for international trains starting in Italy can be made in advance online at www.

Whether you use a Eurail pass or buy cheap advance-purchase tickets, the train is the best way to tour the great cities of Europe, relaxed, in comfort, seeing a lot in a remarkably euraail time.

Spain Pass for Spain. Single Country Pass Options: The ‘book supplement only’ facility doesn’t show up for every train, but it appears on most of them. Adult – which should be self explanatory Youth – for those aged under 28 this changed from under 26 in on 20110 first day of pass validity. To make a seat reservation on a daytime train to, from or within Germany, tick the Seat only no ticket box at the bottom of the advanced journey planner page before running the enquiry.

You can check Portuguese point-to-point fares at www. It’ll then show seat reservation, click modify to change this to couchette or sleeper if it’s an overnight train, then use the edit pencil logo to change the type of couchette or sleeper.


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Budapest to Bucharest by sleeper train: No supplement to pay for travel on local or guidf trains. London to Paris or Brussels by Eurostar The free Eurail passes for children may swing the balance towards buying a pass, even for a pre-planned itinerary. BritRail Pass for Britain. To buy passholder tickets for Eurostar see the advice here to book online and print your own e-ticket. Travelwrs bought this because someone recommended it.

Back to top Slovakia Eurail passes give unlimited travel on Using a railpass within the Netherlands is easy, as reservation is not necessary or even possible on Dutch domestic trains, and there are no supplements to pay, even on InterCity trains.

Its possible to make a reservation online at www. It’s more accurate to think of them as the deluxe option offering affordable go-as-you-please flexibility, instead of cheaper pre-booked budget train fares that fix your plans in stone. Back to top Romania Eurail passes give unlimited travel on But if you want to stay flexible and are under 28 years olda pass can save money over full-flex on-the-day prices.

Back to top Slovenia Eurail passes give unlimited travel on Aren’t you on vacation?