EWR 127-1 PDF

Title: EWR 21AUG95, Version: , Date: Aug, Status: Active, Desc: EWR EASTERN AND WESTERN RANGE (EWR). Tailored EWR , System Safety Program Plan, Noncompliance Requests, and Launch Complex Safety Training and Certification. Find the most up-to-date version of EWR CONT. DIST. at Engineering

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Flight trajectories and ILLs are calculated and approved prior to launch to protect people and property.

In a eqr operations command i. Maintaining, staffing, and operating downrange facilities and providing reliable, real-time communications between the downrange facilities and the Range Operations Control Center ROCC at the ER is expensive.

erw The Western Range implements this policy by constraining the azimuth of orbital launches. EWR does not describe the source of most of its requirements. Such changes could render invalid the informed decision process which helps protect the government from liability RCC, a. Tailoring provides range users with ewf flexibility, but it also reveals a serious shortcoming in the usability of EWR These functions include developmental testing and evaluation, sustaining engineering, and certifying that system designs meet safety requirements.

Section 1 presents the historical basis for EWRexplains the organization of the chapters in the Range Safety Requirements, and describes the organization and management of the 45th and wwr Space Wings with a focus on the Offices of Safety and those groups impacting the safety approval process.


Peterson Air Force Base, Colo.: A collective risk standard i. Supplement to RCC Standard Wwr include differences in analysis software packages, methods of defining ship exclusion zones, and displays for monitoring the launch vehicle trajectory.


If tracking of the vehicle is not be available by that time, the flight is terminated. The overall modeling and analysis approaches at ER and WR are similar, but some significant differences exist.

Both MOAs confirm the intent that AFMC assume responsibility for the acquisition, developmental testing, sustainment, and improvement of launch vehicles, spacecraft, and launch range systems. Booster engine cutoff to booster package jettison. In addition to supporting system program offices and the ranges, the safety office should be responsible for centralizing and simplifying the development of safety policy, procedures, and systems; maintaining a strong engineering, analysis, modeling, and simulation staff through training and career advancement; and reducing costs for the range operators and users.

Background on Destruct Lines and the Africa Gates. Therefore, the answers should not be subjectively altered at the end of the process. This could be achieved by allowing safety managers to report unresolved safety concerns directly to a high level within the. The 127–1 recognizes that determining which functions are involved in the development phase and where to draw the line organizationally between operations and development will be difficult because these functions have been closely linked for many years.

Nonetheless, developmental engineering continues to be performed by AFSPC in the area of safety systems for launch vehicles and spacecraft.

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If properly executed, this transfer would reduce costs and workload for both the Air Force and range users by eliminating duplicative efforts and standardizing procedures and systems. The May draft of the new MOA does not indicate any changes in the division of responsibilities described above see Figure In parallel with this study, SMC, which is part of AFMC, initiated a study to document the sources of requirements, determine which requirements are design solutions, and identify the actual standards represented by design solutions.


Participants in Committee Meetings 49—50 Appendix D: First, most major vehicle events staging and engine starts occur within approximately seconds of launch while the vehicle is well within the area covered by uprange assets.

If the Commander exceeds the criteria it can be argued that the criteria does not exist, or was in fact, never a valid criteria.

For example, the ranges use different assumptions and models in computing safety metrics, such as E c swr, and they use analytical results differently. The basic responsibility of the newly established AFMC safety office would be to support to the system program offices and AFSPC, as appropriate during the acquisition, developmental testing, sustainment, and improvement of space systems.

Range safety user manual EWR 127-1 (Eastern and Western Range 127-1)

For failure modes in which thrust ends prematurely, a thrust-termination type of FTS would have no added benefit. Jump up to the previous page or down to the next one. Login or Register to save! Click here 1271 buy this book in print or download it as a free PDF, if available.