Know More About The Cycle Of Fashion

Know More About The Cycle Of Fashion

Fashion is a form of free speech; people might have varied definitions for it. It is a popular style or practice of presenting yourself with confidence. And it is not only limited to accessories and Clothing it is beyond that it even includes one’s behavior and character and the way they carry an aura of them and spread a vibe.

Understanding cycles of Fashion

 What is fashion cycle?

A period of time or life span during which the fashion exists, moving through the five stages from introduction through obsolescence. Fashions do change in a little span of time, Few designs are first previewed and then manufactures produce in small quantities for high prices usually influencers do invest in these limited editions later local monopolies copy the design and produce it in mass quantities. Let us understand the above scenarios in detail below :

Peak Stage: As mentioned above


Case 1: In this case, Brands create a few exclusive designer clothing and sell them under a limited edition for high prices. Most of these clothes will be sold.

Case 2: The brands produce mass units of the clothing and sell at high prices but here the price varies as the product gets old, it’s because the stock remaining in the warehouse will lead to loss so price varies.

Case 3: The local monopolies copy the designs but they make sure to do little changes in it, usually sold at affordable prices.

Decline Stage:   People show much enthusiasm to purchase things when the price is affordable as this helps in increase of production.

If you are walking on the road you will probably be able to find a certain design of clothes worn by people that implies a peak stage and a sign that it’s time to change the fashion.

Obsolescence Stage: This stage is the end of the fashion cycle, the downfall. Consumers will no longer be interested after they styled the piece of clothing which was trending. And they try to find new inspirations and new look / style according to one’s taste and preferences. All fashions follow the life-cycle pattern, but it varies with each fashion. Here by we can well this stage is the end of the era of the particular style or design but not an end to fashion.