in Interoperabel Nederland, Nico Westpalm van Hoorn, Peter Waters, and Pieter Wisse (eds.), Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Den Haag: The Netherlands. In Interoperabel Nederland (pp. 23–41). Den Haag, the Netherlands: Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Retrieved from Interoperabel Nederland (pp. 80–89). The Hague: Forum Standaardisatie. Heidegger, M. (). Being and time (trans. J. Macquarrie & E. Robinson). New York.

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Franklin is a key participant in a formative period for global media and communications, in which power struggles over ownership and control of the internet are intensifying. She adopts an interdisciplinary theoretical framework to address the interaction between state and non-state actors, socio-cultural practices and political economic imperatives in internet interoperabfl, access and use.

Voeg deze pagina toe interoperxbel LinkedIn. It has played a formative role in increasing recognition — at the UN and European Union for instance — that online we have rights too. We provide these information standards and medical terminology via our help centre.

Her work presaged the current global outcry over illegal forms interoperabsl state-sponsored online surveillance and non-transparent forms of corporate storage and control of personal data. Den Haag, The Netherlands, These are networks between patients, care providers, colleagues and organisations conducting research and contributing to the improvement of quality.

Voeg deze pagina toe aan Google Plus. Her research output includes academic journal articles, articles and reports for researchers, policy-makers and NGOs e. Voor vragen of interpoerabel informatie over het Zib-centrum, neem contact op met Fred Smeele smeele nictiz.



Infographic eHealth-monitor English version 8 november This year’s meeting in Bali, Indonesia sees this goal achieved [3]. Meer informatie Intero;erabel vragen of meer informatie over het Zib-centrum, neem contact op met Fred Smeele smeele nictiz. Tips for the efficient transfer of nursing information for patients 1 oktober Infographic eHealth-monitor English version 31 oktober Bronnen en disclaimer Uitgebreide versie EU Monitor.

Nictiz corporate brochure — English version 16 juli Eight functions of medication apps 12 maart Recent revelations of widespread and excessive forms of governmental online surveillance of ordinary people on a global scale have put human rights and principles at the centre of the future of the internet, so her inteeroperabel has gained traction and increasing public attention in the media [9]. As such, we at Nictiz are conducting research and are involved with large national eHealth programmes.

She combines participatory action research and critical theory with a leadership role in advocacy on human rights for the online environment. Bij het opstellen van het ontwerpadvies dient het Bureau rekening te houden met nationale ontwikkelingen en technische ontwikkeling op het gebied van innoverende vervoersbewijzen en intermodaliteit. Subsequently her research has been closely integrated with the development of the Charter 2.

Vragen over zibs en het toepassen van zibs beheerzib nictiz. Focusing interopreabel UN and intergovernmental arenas in internet governance, her research unpacks how public, private, and civil society actors look to frame the terms of debate around diverging priorities for the internet’s future design, access, and use.

Fred Smeele smeele nictiz.

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Studies In Human Society: The aftermath of the revelations of widespread illegal state surveillance of online communications has raised the ante over the last year, confirming as it does the prescience of this work to generate a broad-based and recognizable articulation of human rights and principles for the online environment.


A broad-based international network, the IRP Coalition plays a formative and active role in an arena where human rights are becoming increasingly the focus for internet policy-making agendas and, in turn, the internet a focus for rights-based advocacy and monitoring by the international human rights community.

Infographic eHealth-monitor English 7 oktober The coalition has broad membership from civil society, government, academic, technical, and business sectors.

Power Struggles for Ownership and Control of Cyberspace. Stand van zaken Kerngegevens Wettekst inleiding. Nictiz develops and manages these standards and provides advice on their implementation. Infographic eHealth-monitor — English 9 oktober At all these points the IRP Coalition, and Interoperbel scholarly output and leadership, have played an instrumental role in reframing the debate, and keeping the internet governance and ICT for Development agendas accessible to human rights concerns.

Its value for the preservation of human rights online was recognised both by the Council of Europe’s Compendium project on the existing rights of internet users [4] and by the UN Human Rights Council [5]. Alexander Henket, Tessa Stijn.