18 Series of IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS (IRR) OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. Pursuant to Section 4(h), Article II of Republic Act No. Submission of Fire and Safety Assessment Report (FALAR). Memorandum Circular No. New Electrical Engineering Law (RA ). • NBC FORMS. • LEGAL OPINIONS. • P.D. (National Building Code ). • R.A. (Civil Engineering Law). • R.A. (New Architecture Act of ).

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However, for capaci-ties up to five hundred kilo-volt-amperes Kva andemploying voltages of up to six hundred volts V one 1 registered master electrician;b. Provided, further, That when the operationrequires more than one shift of personnel every twenty-four 24 hours, the minimum complement of qualified per-sonnel shall be employed in each 79920.

Persons in charge of or supervising the operation,tending and maintenance of an electric generat-ing set for private use employing voltages not ex-ceeding two hundred fifty volts V and capac-ity not exceeding fifty kilovolt-amperes 50Kva: Violation of any provision of R. Individual members of suchpartnerships or associations shall be responsible for theirown respective acts.

Substation is any building, room or separate placewhich houses or encloses electric supply equipmentconnected to transmission ir distribution lines and theinterior of which is accessible, as a rule, only to prop-erly qualified persons. Provided, That if the installation or the machinery israted in excess of five hundred kilo-volt-amperes Kvaor in excess of six hundred volts V the workshall be under the supervision of the professional elec-trical engineer or registered electrical engineer.

RA 7920 and IRR

Registration and License Required. The number of questions shall be such thatthe examinations can be finished in three 3 consecu-tive eight-hour days.

An Electrical Engineer should uphold thehonor and dignity of his profession and, therefore, shouldavoid association with any person or enterprises of knownquestionable character.

The Board ea approval of the Commission shall releaseofficially ier results of the licensure examinations not laterthan twenty five 25 days from the date of the examination. Provided, further, That a yearly inspec-tion will be conducted and certified to be in a safe operat-ing condition by a professional electrical engineer, a 79920 electrical engineer, or a registered master electri-cian. Official Business with the Commission – For any dealing, transaction, or business with the Commissioner, the Chairman of the Board shall be the spokesman, representative or liaison of the Board.


Implementing Rules and Regulations

The owner, man-ager or the person in charge of an electric plant, industrialplant or factory, commercial establishment, institutionalbuilding, watercraft, or electric locomotive shall post orcause to be posted ir a conspicuous place within such plantor establishment the certificate of registration of the engi-neers or electricians employed in such plant or establish-ment, in a frame protected by transparent glass or equiva-lent.

Syllabi outlines embodying topics and concepts ofmajor subjects prescribed in specific courses irg studyto serve as basis for test questions in the licensure ex-aminations.

Description and operat-ing principles of motors, generators and trans-formers.

Done in the City of Manila this 31st day of August, A horizontal diameter space, 6mm wide shall be provided across the inner circle for the name of the registrant. An Electrical Engineer should endeavor toextend public knowledge of engineering and shall discour-age spreading the untrue, unfair, and exaggerated state-ments regarding engineering.

An Electrical Engineer should not directlyor indirectly injure the professional reputation, prospects,or practice of his fellow engineers. III of RA Board Board of Electrical Engineeringe.

R.A. NO. by Ian Punzalan on Prezi

TheBoard shall have the power, lrr proper notice and hear-ing, to revoke any certificate of registration of any regis-trant, to suspend him from the practice da his profession orto reprimand him for any cause specified in the precedingsection, or for the use of perpetration of any fraud or deceitin obtaining a certificate of registration, or for gross negli-gence of incompetence or for unprofessional or dishonor-able conduct; for violation of this Act, the rules and regula-tions and other policies of the Board and the Code of Pro-fessional Ethics.

The keystone of professionalconduct is integrity.

It shall be rra withthe following specific powers, functions, duties and respon-sibilities: Be a person with no final conviction by the court of anoffense involving moral turpitude;d. The policies,resolutions, rules and regulations, orders or decisionissued or promulgated by the Iirr shall be subject tothe review and approval by the Commission; however,the Boards decisions, resolutions or orders which arenot interlocutory, rendered in an administrative case,shall be subject to review only if on appeal.


Compensation of Chairman and the BoardMembers.

Syllabi – outlines embodying topics and concepts of major subjects prescribed in specific courses of study to serve as basis for test questions in the licensure examinations. Violation of any provision of R. Associate electrical engineers and assistant electricalengineers with valid certificates of registration and pro-fessional license issued under Republic Act No.

The Board’s or Commission’s decision is appealable by the respondent to the Court of Appeals in accordance with the procedures provided under the Rules of Court.

Except as otherwiseprovided in this Act, every electric plant, industrial plant orfactory, commercial establishment, institutional building,watercraft, electric locomotive or in other installation wherepersons and properties are exposed to electrical hazardsshall not have less than the following complement of pro-fessional electrical engineer, registered electrical engineer,and registered master electrician: Adecision of suspension, revocation of the certificate ofregistration, or delisting from the roll by the Board asprovided herein, may be appealed initially to the Com-mission within fifteen 15 days from receipt thereof.

Affidavits signed by three licensed professional elec-trical engineers to the effect that the experience recordsubmitted by the applicant is factual and that the tech-nical paper submitted was actually and solely preparedby the applicant. Examination, Registration, License Fees andFines. Be a professional electrical engineer with a valid cer-tificate of registration and a valid professional licenseduly qualified to practice electrical engineering in thePhilippines;f.

Power and Duties of the Board.

Technical paper covering an evaluation, an analy-sis or a critical discussion of an electrical engineer-ing project or subject, on one or several technicalaspects such as: Places and Dates of Examinations. Pub-lication shall not be required of a Boards resolution, order,directive or circular which is internal, administrative andnot affecting the public, and not penal or disciplinary innature.

Practice Not Allowed for Firms and Corpo-rations. Registration Fees, License Fees andFines.