Mass and Balance covers the factors governing the loading of an aeroplane to ensure that the longitudinal centre of gravity and mass are within the structural. Questions-Mass-and-balance · View. Mass and Balance, Oxford · View. Mass and Balance ATPL · View. Operational Procedures · View. Buy JAA ATPL Mass & Balance – JA and other aviation books at yout pilot shop headquarters, Pilots HQ.

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Details of the disposable load must be entered in Part C of the Weight and CG Schedule, which contains the lever arm of each cargo stowage position, hold and each row of passenger seats. CG envelope from 1 inch to 4 inches forward of the datum at all weights. The datum is at fuselage station 0 situated inches forward of the wing leading edge.

The gross weight of the aeroplane, including all of its contents, at the time of landing. Mark the point on this vertical line which coincides with anr actual zero fuel weight and check that this point lies within the envelope.

When considering SI units, the unit of mass is the kilogram and the unit of force is the Newton.

To answer this type of question use the layout shown in the following examples and approach the problem in maxs logical manner remembering the total weight at any time comprises the APS weight, the fuel and the traffic load. The movement of baggage will not change the total weight of the aircraft but it will alter the total moments.

Seat 6 0 lb. With this aeroplane the limiting trim is that associated with the ZFW rather than the fuel laden aircraft and consequently it is the position of the ZFW CG within the trim envelope which is important.


The positive moments are reduced by lb. Otherwise the weight of each person must be determined by weighing. Dry operating weight 30,kgs; Maximum uaa weight 52,kgs; Maximum zero fuel weight 43, kgs; Maximum landing weight 46,kgs: In the following example Figure is loaded in five different ways producing three different floor loads. The four forces which act on an aircraft in straight and level flight are lift, weight, thrust and maes. As can be seen from Figurethe CG is within limits for both take-off and landing.

For example a British or American built aircraft may well have its weights presented in the Aeroplane Flight Manual AFM in pounds and when loaded on the continent the load may be quoted in kilograms. When a different datum is used it shall be adequately defined, its precise relationship to the datum in the Certificate of Airworthiness or Flight Manual shall be given, and any lever arms and moments which jjaa in any part of the Schedule shall be consistent with the datum so declared.

Relevant arms, given in inches aft of the datum: Trays 4 us Trintec Triumph Actuati. The turning moment at any particular point can be determined by multiplying the weight the downward force by the arm the distance of that point from the fulcrum.

As you can see, there are no graphics on the computer form and it appears that you are taking a lot on trust. The traffic load is the total weight of passengers, baggage and cargo, including any non-revenue load.


Weight Less Fuel and Payload 67, kg.

The fuel nass to enable the aircraft to hold at a specified pressure altitude and for a specified period of time. It may also cause en-route terrain clearance problems.

031 Aircraft Mass & balance (JAA ATPL theory).

APS Weight 70, kg. Rear baggage hold lb. In other words anything or anyone carried that earns money for the airline. If any last minute change occurs after the completion of the mass and balance documentation, this must be brought to the attention of the Commander and the last minute change must be entered on the mass and balance documentation.

Aircraft Mass & balance (JAA ATPL theory).pdf Download ( Pages | Free )

Dry Operating Mass 35, kgs. Wind Component kt. Material, usually thick wood, utilised to protect the aircraft floor, including ramps, and provide a continuous pathway over which wheeled vehicles may transit when being positioned in the ba,ance prior to balanve down without exceeding the maximum area limit at any point.

Basic equipment is that which is common to all roles plus unconsumable fluids such as hydraulic fluid. The change of moment caused by moving 1 lb. Frequently, once the trim sheet is complete, additional payload is added last minute changes and it is essential that the new CG is calculated in order to ensure that it is still within limits.

Figure shows only three of the infinite combinations possible.