public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { FileInputStream in = new FileInputStream(“”); Doc doc = new SimpleDoc(in, DocFlavor. private boolean printData(PrintService printService, String printText) { try { SimpleDoc doc; doc = new SimpleDoc(es(), vor . DocPrintJob; import xception; import ervice; import erviceLookup; import Doc; import.

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This sets the parameters for the SimpleDoc so replace null with params. Mava 43 1 9. What I’m needing to do is send a pdf document to the printer upon user request. Canon iP series that is the output. If the print data is a stream, or a print job requests data as a stream, then SimpleDoc does not monitor if the service properly closes the stream after data transfer completion or job termination.

Simpledod the print data representation object that contains this doc object’s piece of print data in the format corresponding to the supported doc flavor. You can use Acrobat to print from the command simpleodc as documented here. The code as you have it right now, edited according to my comments below your question, will work.

In particular this class implements certain required semantics of the Doc specification as follows: The printer is hosted on a Windows Server machine. Well, I would go with Betty The program is able to load the file and send the print job – it reaches the printer, but on the printer the control panel prompts the user to load A4, Plain Paper. Thanks for the heads up. If my printer is not pdf supported, is there any way to print the pdf file or even docx files? IllegalArgumentException – if flavor or printData is nullor the printData does not correspond to the specified doc flavor–for example, the data is not of the type specified as the representation in the DocFlavor.


To verify this is the case, try the following:. Then, an input stream for reading the print data from the print data representation object as a stream of bytes is created and returned. This tiny ad doesn’t respect those rules:. If the returned attribute set does not include an instance of a particular attribute X or if null is returned, the printer must consult the job’s attribute set to obtain the value for attribute X, and if not found there, the printer must use an implementation-dependent default value.

Also see the documentation redistribution policy. Thank you very much, and welcome to JavaRanch. The returned attribute set is unmodifiable.

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This is the code I researched but still it does not print. Reader The doc’s print data representation object is used to construct and return a Reader for reading the print data as a stream of characters from the print data representation object.

Check out video courses. It prints fine, but it just prints out tons of characters, not the actual simpledic I’m sending to the printer. It can handle all of the presently defined “pre-defined” doc flavors defined as static variables in the DocFlavor class. Determines the doc flavor in which this doc object will supply its piece of print data.

If that doesn’t work, you could try the component Ulf pointed out and Java 2D printing. Try and see if it is set by adding the following: Well done sorting it out. Print PDFs you can see the input file is “some.

Obtains a reader for extracting character print data from this doc.


java printing – printing a pdf (Beginning Java forum at Coderanch)

You can change it here. I can open the pdf file on my computer, and print it ok, but when using the above code, it just prints out junk. Doc Obtains the print data representation object that contains this doc object’s piece of print eimpledoc in the format corresponding to the supported doc flavor. This duplicates the effort of the volunteers at the Ranch and wastes people’s valuable time.

Object getPrintData Obtains the print data representation object that contains this doc object’s piece of print data in the format corresponding to the supported doc flavor.

You have two other posts on this same topic here and here. Exception in thread “main” java. The Doc implementation is required to support this method if the DocFlavor has one of the following print data representation classes; otherwise this method returns null: Tired of head-butting your desk in frustration when programming Java?

I don’t think there are printers or printer drivers that understand PDF files at least not in the standard JREso this approach likely won’t work. Prinnt a reader cannot be provided because this doc does not meet the criteria stated above, null is returned. Below is another code based on my research:. I’m able to figure out the rest of the pieces, in regards to user input and determining pages of the pdf, except I don’t see how I will be able to print the pdf.