Buy Strategies of Containment: A Critical Appraisal of American National Security Policy during the Cold War Updated by John Lewis Gaddis (ISBN. Strategies of Containment: A Critical Appraisal of Postwar American National Security Policy. Front Cover · John Lewis Gaddis. Oxford University Press, John Lewis Gaddis, Strategies of Containment: A Critical Appraisal of Postwar American National Security Policy List: 20th Century. Subjects: Cold War.

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Project MUSE – Containment Strategies in Perspective

One begins their examination of Cold War history, perhaps, with Kennan, but there his story ends. Reagan didn’t cause the Soviet reorientation of policy, but he pushed it along at just the right time, and then adjusted towards a policy of cooperation with Gorbachev. May 08, Meg rated it it was amazing Shelves: The ultimate goal was to prevent one bloc of nations from overcoming the US.

Roosevelt’s postwar plans, Gaddis provides a thorough critical analysis of George F. Go directly to our online catalogue. IT looks at the evidence not though a window of economic, diplomatic, ideological, or a military perspective. This book is much more complicated than what I can get across in this review, but let me just end by saying that anyone who studies US foreign policy has to read it.

Gaddis ultimately asserts that Kennan’s ideas laid the foundation that allowed the United States to perform as well as possible in the Cold War. He is, in short, lrwis fair and mostly impartial judge of historical actors. That was fine when I was still reading a lot of Cold War material, but in this recent read I was less familiar and had to spend a lot of time with Wik Motivated by current events, I recently reread this for the first time in many years.

Its like one of those professors that writes his PhD thesis and then never stops rewriting and teaching it from then on. The zero-sum game gaedis be abandoned.

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This book is essential for anyone who wants to learn more about the Cold War. Thus, avoiding humiliation and the appearance of weakness became an end unto itself.

A House in the Sun Daniel A. Gaxdis furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Gaddis seems to prefer asymmetrical containment, but he does a great job across the board in explaining how these different strategists saw the geopolity, US goals, US capabilities, and designed strategies.

He saw the Soviet challenge as psychological. For those that want a more comprehensive account than that provided by Gaddis in his other book, The Cold War. Sep 05, John rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 30, Mark Bowles rated it it was amazing. The focus of the New Look policy revolved around maximizing security and minimizing costs. This could be achieved through counter-pressure stratrgies.

Strategies of Containment

That was fine when I was still reading a lot of Cold War material, but in this recent read I was less familiar and had to spend a lot of time with Wikipedia. View freely available titles: Be the first to ask a question about Strategies of Containment. References to this book Containment Culture: This strategy relied heavily on the deterrent effect of the threat of massive retaliation, but it did incorporate other methods, lewwis as covert action, psychological warfare, and international alliances.

Betting on the Africans Philip E. He concludes, provocatively, that Reagan more effectively than any other Cold War president drew upon the strengths of both approaches while avoiding their weaknesses.

Christi Bartman, for inspiring my interest in the subject. The goal was not to remake the world, but balance the power within it. Apr 06, Eric rated it really liked it. Monday – Friday, 8: Kennan loathed the military focus of NSC and all subsequent policy, but he argued from an ivory tower.


It’s hard to deny that for all of his faults, Reagan’s overall strategy worked very well in bringing about a victorious and peaceful conclusion to the Cold War. Fantastic read providing lots of inspiration for think long term Very valuable book that helped me see a lot more subtlety and vision associated with US leaders in the Cold War era. Reading this book again, I can follow more of Gaddis’s argument. Beginning with Franklin D.

Gaddis’s classic book Strategies of Containment, now out in a revised and expanded edition, characterizes the Cold War strategies of successive U. Prologue Containment Before Kennan. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Want to Read saving…. Further, the Soviet threat in and in were quite different. Gaddis is the best American historian of the Cold War and, from all his books, this one constitutes the backbone of the best Cold War history education one can hope to attain.

Books by John Lewis Gaddis. A must-read for anyone interested in Cold War history, grand strategy, and the origins of the post-Cold War world. View all 4 comments. Skip to main content.

Gaddis was the official biographer of George Kennan author of the Long Telegramhandpicked by him for the purpose. Overall a great read, and well worth the reread.

Ebook This title is available as an ebook. For those for whom this is “history”, it is essential to understand the mindset that framed policy in the Cold War Era. While his telegram had impact, it was in a mileau where many of the ideas he expressed were already “in the mix,” not least in the impetus behind the Marshall plan.