That Only A Mother By Judith Merril Margaret reached over to the other side of the bed where Hank should have been. Her. “That Only a Mother,” -by Judith Merril “That Only a Mother” is a short story written by J. Merril. It’s about a woman, and a man begetting a child. Keywords: Judith Merril / peace activism / maternalist politics / Cold War / nuclear war “That Only a Mother,” works to raise the consciousness of readers by.

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That Only a Mother

Boyer seems to think it may not be so long. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Ohly FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment on my website www. I was tricked by the author and as a reader i am meant to be one.

Twitter Facebook Like this: Then, when there was nothing more to prepare, she went for the mail, allowing herself the full pleasure of prolonged anticipation, because today there would surely be a letter. It is the story of a human and alien mourning the loss of someone important to both of them. Oh God, dear God—his head shook and his muscles contracted in a bitter spasm of hysteria. I finally got to see her! She swooped the resistant mass of pink flesh into a towel, and began to rub.

Cat Pictures Please tells the story of sentient AI that tries to help improve people’s lives. Margaret went into the kitchenette and set the timer for the roast. You can check out some of my own short fiction at http: Tales from the New Frontier, edited by Jonathan Strahans. Abbey rated it liked it Dec 21, Reception [ edit ] “That Only a Mother” falls into a category of mid-century science-fiction writing often referred to as the “housewife heroine” story, works that deal explicitly with domestic themes and the experiences of women.


Andy Weir’s short story The Egg was first published on his website Galactanet. Last night it had rained, and the sidewalks were still damp-gray instead of dusty. Retrieved from ” http: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

It makes me uncomfortable how physical disability is treated in this story. Her roughly four decades in that genre also included writing 26 published short stories, and editing a similar number of anthologies.

I am simply uploading my favorite short story to share with you.

That Only a Mother – Wikipedia

Ado tells the story of an English Literature teacher attempting to teach Shakespeare in a world where sensitivity to offence is taken to its logical extreme. Notify me of new comments via email. Her love and desires made her blind. So easy to find shows to follow. The author did a good job with description: By Short Science Fiction Review. Ismi rated it it was amazing Jun 23, Guess I was more worried than I was willing to admit, but I threw a small fit about it.

Mar 22, Charlotte rated it liked it Shelves: I listened to this on episode of the StarShipSofa podcast. The Minority Report tells the story of a dystopian future where serious crime has been all but erradicated.

I realize that making this goal just before reading a story from “A new feminine science-fiction author” may not make sense. Books by Judith Merril. Each morning the pile of papers that greeted her was a little higher. Well that was weird And also wondering if happy science fiction exists. Windows tells the story of an academic working on a distant world whose job is to study alien cultures.


After greeting his wife, he then heads to her daughter. Is Henrietta a normal baby or not? Stop it, Maggie, stop it! Jonathan Strahan has emphasized how uncommon it was at the time for science fiction to provide a woman’s perspective, but nonetheless calls the story judih, saying merdil the passage of decades has changed it from “a chilling and timely piece of science fiction” to “an important but not particularly moving historical footnote.

Oct 25, Mckinley Inglis rated it really liked it Shelves: That Only a Mother Judith Merril If modern readers have heard of Judith Merril, it is almost certainly due to either the Canadian library that bears her judkth or to her impressive career as an editor. Instead of exploring new worlds and outward possibilities, this story looks in.

You can listen to my review on episode of the Short Science Fiction Review podcast. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Leah Bobet’s short story Bliss was first published in the winter issue of On Spec. There has been, of course, no lack of annual Best SF series helmed by solitary male editors in that time.

But wait till you see her! Lambing Season is a first contact story about a sheepherder who stumbles across the wreckage of an alience spacecraft. Jim rated it really liked it Jun 02, The title choice feels wrong for multiple reasons.

It wasn’t fun to read, more disturbing, trying to figure out what the dark twist was going to be.