Le rogamos que copie e imprima aquí el manual operativo correspondiente en su idioma. Francais Copiez et imprimez ici la notice d’utilisation dans la langue. SERVICE MANUALScrew Compressor Model: SX 6 classic No.: 9__00USE Contents. KAESER SX6 COMPRESSOR MANUAL SMVLPIMPCZ | PDF | | 24 Aug, TABLE OF KAESER SX6 COMPRESSOR MANUAL.

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Clean or replace as necessary.

Alternatively, an jaeser source of compressed air can be used. All components removed from the machine must be treated or disposed of in accordance with safety regulations.

Safety relief valve not properly sized for the pressure of the compressor unit. Dispose of the old oil in accordance with local environment protection regulations.

Start the machine and carry out a test run.

Air leak in unit. If necessary, wash with lukewarm water and household detergent. Isolate completely from the mains supply switch off the main isolator Ensure that the power supply cannot be switched on again lock off. The machine can be started at regular intervals. Closing the air filter housing Clean all parts and sealing surfaces. With the help of this parts list you akeser obtain in advance the spares you need in accordance with your operating conditions.


Slowly open the shut off valve 11 to allow oil to drain out and close karser when air begins to escape. Make sure you give the data from the nameplate.

Situate unit for adequate air flow. The airend delivers compressed air to the system. Kanual transfer data from the nameplate.

Check line current and adjust overload relay as necessary. Provide cooler air from other source or move compressor to a cooler location. If cooling air outlet duct is used it may be too narrow or too long.

Do not operate the machine in areas in which specific requirements with regard to kaese protection are applied. Escaping oil mist is damaging to health. Close kaesdr lock the maintenance canopy. Loosen the locking nut 2. Cleaning rags High pressure cleaner Pre condition: Transport with lifting cradle. Damage or complete breakdown can result. Re mount the cooler Lift the cooler carefully into the dx6 and secure with screws 4. Adjust minimum pressure function or replace defective parts as necessary.

Renew the mat if cleaning is not possible of has already been carried out five times. Do not attempt rectifications other than those given in this manual.

KAESER SX6 Service Manual

Place desiccant inside the machine cabinet. Tighten loose connections, repair or replace defective parts as necessary.

Open the maintenance canopy. Compressor is running but produces no pressure. Retighten the locking nut 2. Male hose fittings located in the control cabinet Pre condition: Since the user has total control over the conditions of the compressor lubricant, he assumes total responsibility for its safe usage. Switch on at the main disconnect.


Manuals – Manuales – Notices d’utilisation – Bedienungsanleitungen

Hazards from compressed air. Minimum pressure check valve leaks. Before opening the machine, switch off at the main disconnect and lock out to secure against unwanted or accidental switching on.

The red pin on the pressure scale indicates the pressure. If the inlet aperture is insufficient a dangerous vacuum can be created in the compressor room. When operating conditions are unfavorable e. Uncontrolled release of this mamual can cause serious injury or death.

KAESER SX6 Service Manual – Refrigeration Mechanics

Observe approved safety regulations and national legislation sd6 to all work carried out on the machine. Suitable fire extinguishing material must be readily available. Threephase star wye ; three wire; earthed neutral. Open the shut off valve between the compressor and the compressed air system. Oil leaks out of air filter.