2/day) (Kruseman and de Ridder, ). However, in some instances, a vacuum or slug test conducted with a pressure transducer or an electronic data logger. G. P. Kruseman, N. A. De Ridder, Nicolaas Arie Ridder, International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement. International Institute for Land. G.P. Kruseman. Senior hydrogeologist, TNO Institute of Applied Geoscience, Delft. N.A. de Ridder. Senior hydrogeologist, International Institute.

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Open to the public ; Known generally as the Mandel-Cryer effect Mandel ; Cryerreverse water-level fluctuations are attributed to three-dimensional deformation of an aquifer-aquitard system due to pumping stress Risder Combining the Neuman and Boulton models for flow to a well in an unconfined aquifer, Andd Water, vol.

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Aquifer Testing Reference List

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Public Private login e. Corps of Engrs, U.

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Aquifer Testing Reference List :. Aquifer Testing

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