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LOL Seriously, I really enjoyed this book.

Feb 22, Julia rated it really liked it Shelves: I just didn’t like it. She does have some vulnerabilities that I found endearing in her, and I could help but love her and her strong spirit.

None of you did? I must say, I didn’t like this one as much as all the ones in the past, but it’s probably not to do with anything other than the story rpey didn’t hook me and I kind of didn’t feel as much for the couple in this one. Fellow leopards in the bayou include: She should have threatened him. Gage growled, a rumble of annoyance. You just turned into a effing leopard and went from peey in sex to a nymphomaniac. And as their passions swell, his keen instinct for survival will be challenged like never before.

But as a child she knew she needed more and had something to prove so as soon as she grew up she was off to make her own music.

Point number three, as someone with Ling hair, I can say just how fucking impractical it is Bijou has hair that goes down to her butt, and yet, they can have perfect wild sex and not get caught.

Leopard’s Prey

Finished this at midnight last. Now with a serial killer lose and threats to Bijou itself how will Leoparde balance his life between pursuing the criminals and pursuing his mate? As a young cop chistine discovered Bijou at a party adults shouldn’t attend. Remy knew her and trusted her. Getting to the actual book, Leopard’s Prey follows the character of Remy Boudreux. Jun 07, DemetraP rated it did not like it. Remy just had me from page one. I do roll my eyes a bit at the whole ‘dominating’ aspect of the love scenes, ’cause that’s not my thing at all.


A sexy read that everyone has to have in their library. He not only had the hot passion and temper of the leopard under control, but Drake could lead a lair of alpha males and keep them loyal and working together. He felt sorry for the child, he always had. Following down the same drug laced path of depravity her father had walked. He failed her beyond measure as a parent, scarring her self-esteem and sense of confidence, despite her incredibly beautiful looks and formidable musical talent of her own.

This is pretty typical where the girl is an innocent virgin and is now mated to a shifter who is all macho alpha. What I am attempting to convey, feeyan that I may not view romance, in the leoprads manne To begin my review of Leopard’s Prey, written by Christine Feehan; I would first like to take a moment to point out that I feeban not your typical romance novel reader.

Yeah, I reckon those two reasons are it. To prove to the world that she was just as good as her manwhore, skanky, sleezy father Sometimes they died of shock and blood loss first, other times of asphyxiation. I love when that happens and I end up guessing right. Amongst all the murder, stalker mystery we have the beautiful love story of Remy finding his mate in the now very grown up beautiful young women Bijou. He and his men were responsible for bayous as well as the outlying areas.


Im completely unimpressed by the lack of consideration for what some girls first times can be like and how Ms. Remy is a tough, protective and a take charge homicide detective the kind of man you want covering your back in a dangerous situation. But the bayou is as dangerous as it is sensuous and his leopard fights for control as the woman he loves becomes the target of terror. Feehan’s writing gets measured against this series, because of my inestimable love for it.

Oct 31, Pete rated it really liked it. The encounter with Bijou had changed his life. Those cool green eyes went a little gold. We know that he is the oldest brother of a group of leopard shifters and that he is bossy a Sexy Cajun Leopard shifters to the Rescue!!

Leopard’s Prey (Leopard People, book 6) by Christine Feehan

Bodrie Breaux was never going to have to answer for his deeds, unless there was truly a judgment day. She christibe a multimillionaire, gorgeous, and is about to discover that she is a rare female leopard shifter. Sultry, mysterious, and as seductive as her songs, she’s luring Remy deeper into the shadows than he ever imagined. Really over the top and disgusting.

The same rules apply for highly sensual storylines. Between the threatening green and orange sky hovering over New Orleans architecture and the hologram title, the cover is a bright flash sandwiching Remy and his leopard.