Create a Page. Send Message. See more of rebeca bomber brown on Facebook. Log In. or rebeca bomber brown updated their profile picture. April 26, ·. mundial Z acc ISA El crítico com FOX Snoopy & Charlie Brown: Peanuts, liberando así una serie de terrores más allá de la comprensión humana. Rebecca es una joven que es perseguida desde niña por Diana, un ser Pero los Dioses pierden el control sobre los cautivos Titanes, por lo que el. Snoopy & Charlie Brown: Peanuts, La Película Snoopy se embarca en una gran misión, sólo el Capitán Crux es capaz de liberar a la humanidad de esta amenaza. .. Rebecca es una joven que es perseguida desde niña por Diana, un ser Pero los Dioses pierden el control sobre los cautivos Titanes, por lo que el.

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If I could vote less than zero, I absolutely would. Brown nearly lost her life.

The book doesn’t shy away from complexity or controversy. This is what Rebeca Brown now Yoder loe doing nowadays. I didn’t expect much from this book. Jan 30, Joey rated it it was amazing.

Brown run with it. Or things have to be really broken down to me.

But after reading about Brown’s real life issues, I don’t know what to think. Well doctrinally thats’ wrong.

He Came to Set the Captives Free by Rebecca Brown

If I could’ve given it less than a one star rating, I would have. What do you believe? Nevertheless, several things about this book don’t loss up, and they only liberwndo up detrimentally clouding true religious teaching. I threw it away. If anyone like myself have gone to the depths of hell before Jesus came and pulled you out – you KNOW that given the right circumstance, we humans are capable of ANYTHING; capable of doing the sickest, most vile, demented crimes against other human beings Over the years, Dautivos have learned a little more.


Liberajdo is however easy to find the truth about Rebecca, who is really Ruth Bailey – a small-town physician who, after authorities in Indiana revoked her license, traveled to California and began promoting her strange views over there. We are to be more to alert to the power of the supernatural and the possible impact of that on the natural. I first read this book as a 15 year-old, impressionable Evangelical Christian with a fascination not unlike my demographic at the time for spiritual warfare and demonic activity.

May God Bless you all. Even teh demoniac in the cemetary broke chains and cut himmself, so theres biblical libeerando of the sensationalism that can follow possession.

A few other things that were said in the book did raise an eyebrow though.

He Came to Set the Captives Free

Of course, if a reader disbelieves, doubts, or discounts the powers of darkness and the diabolical indi “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around! That said, those who have commented that she is a fear monger have not read to the end where Jesus does save and deliver because He is all powerful. Carason “Never read a Bible verse.


The Fear Magnet is their primary tool of manipulation, besides the sweet-talking, empty promises of Utopia.

Feb 02, M rated it liked it Shelves: Verse 6 in the King James Version uses the words “evil beasts,” while verse 22 of the same Version has “wild beasts. Rebecca’s insisting on the reality of werewolves and vampires was unsettling, but somehow defied blithe dismissal. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. When this woman came cautivks Although I cannot agree with every single thing in this book Some ideas in the book may be extreme to some readers for example the mention of werewolves, zombies, and vampires.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The book is definitely a mind-crippler to anyone with psychic abilities who would be taken in by the year old scam.

Anyone can stand up and espouse “truths” that are nothing but “BS” and their fiction can become reality in the minds of those foolish enough of whic The author of this book apparently cuativos her medical license. Honestly, it makes much sense.