The relationship between rotor parameters and performance of a high efficiency type supercharger (Lysholm compressor) was studied. It is necessary that. The cost to repair the Lysholm Compressor Oil Seals is estimated at $ and why does it cost so much to repair the oil seals. The present invention relates to compressors of the rotary screw type in which two or more cooperating rotors mounted within a suitable casing operate to.

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Oil-free compressors are used in applications where entrained oil carry-over is not acceptable, such as medical research and semiconductor manufacturing. How much HP does this:: This largely reduces pumping loss, but the moving mechanicals still consumes power due to friction. For units in lyaholm 5 through 30 HP range the physical compressir of these units are comparable to a typical two-stage compressor.

P icture a young Alf Lysholm peering into an book of German patent applications, looking for ideas.

A rotary-screw compressor is a type of gas compressorsuch as an air compressor, that uses a rotary-type positive-displacement mechanism. Or sign in with one of these services.

It is the Compressro phase that dictates the size of air inlet. The first picture shows the classic Roots type supercharger has its inlet and outlet located above and below the main body respectively. Inthe Kompressor engines on C-class were replaced with turbocharged ones, ending the cimpressor mass use of superchargers.

Secondly, the front-facing inlet avoids the aforementioned drawback of the classic design. A SumoBrain Solutions Company. Roots type supercharger consumes a lot of power at high speed.

The more detailed nature of the invention and the manner in which the above stated and other and more detailed objects of the invention may be advantageously accomplished will appear more fully in the ensuing portion of this specification in which suitable embodiments of apparatus for carrying the invention into effect are described. Rotary-screw compressors are commonly available in the 5 through HP range and can produce air flows in excess of SCFM. Roots type supercharger is named after its inventor, the Roots brothers.


Axial and Lysholm compressors by Mohamed Sharkawy on Prezi

A clear example of the technology applied by the twin-screw in companies like FordMazdaMercedes and Mercury Marine can also demonstrate the effectiveness of the twin screw. On the other hand, sports cars find little merits to use it. Don’t have an account? Until edge a passes edge e, no compression takes place in the pocket P and the position of the edge e is arranged so that it substantially coincides with the position of the edge a at the instant ivhen the point G on the thread S passes the point M.

Although the rotors had timing gears on the drive end, Mr. A lower redline and declining high-rev output means the supercharged engine does not encourage the driver to work harder at throttle or gearchange. In the position of the rotors shown in Fig.

As a result, centrifugal supercharger produces little boost at low to medium rev. As an example, a HP compound compressor is a large piece of equipment that generally requires a special foundation, building accommodations and highly trained rigger s to place the equipment.

Although Mercedes-Benz did introduce a couple of supercharged fours dubbed “Kompressor” into its C-class, it had never tried the same idea on larger models. United States Patent It takes some more explaination Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Superchargers will always be the best alternative for performance enhancement, not only for the more exclusive vehicles but also for mass produced engines in automotive and marine applications.


The latter is a testament of its much improved performance and refinement.

Rotary-screw compressor

The advancement of comressor technologies, such as variable valve timing, direct-injection, light-pressure turbos and advanced turbo diesel, also threatened the very existence of supercharging.

However, some leakage is inevitable, and high rotational speeds must be used to minimize the ratio of leakage flow compreesor over effective flow rate. The aforementioned Roots type superchargers on Mercedes four-cylinder engine and GM V6 were all its products.

Gas enters at the suction side and moves through the threads as the screws rotate. A compressor of the rotary screw type including a casing having an inlet and an outlet for fluid, a first rotor and lysohlm second rotor mounted in said casing, said rotors having interengaging screw threads forming pockets therein formed and arranged together with the inner walls of said casing to provide compression spaces registering at different times with said inlet and said outlet and decreasing in volume between the time of registry with said inlet and the time of registry with said outlet, said compression spaces including a first pocket in the first rotor and a second pocket in the second rotor, compredsor first pocket and said second pocket being disposed.

The gas compression process of a rotary screw is a continuous sweeping motion, so there is very little pulsation or surging of flow, as occurs with piston compressors. Lastly but not least, it largely eliminates the ugly noise traditionally associated with Roots-type superchargers.

Low efficiency, low boost, consumes lots of compresor at high rev, ugly noise.

Posted January 1, This mean the air flow goes through the inlet will be slower. It works best at high rpm.